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We offer more than just carpet, upholstery, and tile & grout cleaning. Our additional services include the following:


When applied properly, Scotchgard will create a protective shield that repels liquid, dirt, and grime, giving you time to clean any spills and prevent stains. For instance, if you spill red wine and the carpet does not have Scotchgard, the carpet will turn pink as the wine absorbs into the fiber. If you spill a glass of red wine and your carpet is Scotchgard protected, you will see the wine bead up and remain on top of the carpet, giving you time to clean it and preventing it from staining your carpeting.

Another benefit of Scotchgard is its prevention of wear patterns in the carpet. If you have ever looked closely at people’s carpets, you can usually see where they most often walk. The carpets in high-traffic areas often discolor from wear and tear. The protective shield of the Scotchgard prolongs the beauty of those areas and prevents the carpet from discoloring as quickly. If you want to prolong the splendor of your carpets and furniture, Scotchgard can accomplish that goal for you.

Deodorizing & Sanitizing:

Water damage, everyday wear and tear, animals, spills and stains, for example, are some reasons strong and unpleasant odors can build up on your carpet.

Deodorizing your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs adds a layer of protection to your surfaces, helping keep odors away.

The best time to deodorize your surfaces is immediately after a professional cleaning. Ask Steam Plus about deodorizing, and you will enjoy a fresh, pleasant smell on your carpet.

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Do YOU have rugs, carpet, and upholstery with coffee or wine stains, pet urine, or other odors, or would you prefer some help AVOIDING these problems?

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Scotchgard is a protective treatment that repels liquids, dirt, and grime, helping you manage spills and prevent stains on your carpets and furniture. It creates a shield that makes liquids bead up on the surface, providing time to clean them before they set in. Additionally, Scotchgard helps prevent wear patterns and discoloration in high traffic areas, prolonging the beauty of your carpets and furniture.

Deodorizing and sanitizing help eliminate strong and unpleasant odors that can build up due to water damage, everyday wear and tear, pets, spills, and stains. This treatment adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs fresh and odor-free.

Absolutely! Steam Plus is equipped to handle coffee or wine stains, pet urine, and other odors. Our team can effectively clean and treat these issues, restoring the freshness and appearance of your carpets and upholstery.

Consider utilizing our Scotchgard and fabric protection services to help repel liquids and prevent stains. Regular professional cleaning, combined with these protective treatments, can significantly reduce the risk of stains and odors.

You can contact Steam Plus by calling 608-333-1415. Our team is ready to assist you with your carpet, upholstery, and fabric cleaning needs.

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