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Say Goodbye to Pet Stains and Odors in Fitchburg, WI

Refresh Your Home with Professional Pet Stain and Odor Removal in Fitchburg, WI

Anyone who shares their home with pets knows the struggle of dealing with unexpected stains and odors. But here in Fitchburg, WI, there’s no need to worry. The pet stain and odor removal service at Steam Plus Carpet and Floors tackles these challenges head-on. It’s not just about removing unsightly spots or unpleasant smells; it’s about restoring the sense of cleanliness and comfort in your home.

What’s in it for you? A living space that both you and your furry friends can enjoy without compromise. It’s about peace of mind, knowing that your home not only looks clean but is also hygienic and safe for everyone. This service takes away the stress of pet messes and leaves behind a fresh, inviting environment. Plus, with eco-friendly cleaning methods, rest assured that the health of your beloved pets and family is always a top priority.

Specialized Stain Treatment

Tackling pet stains requires more than just surface cleaning. This service delves deep into fibers, ensuring complete stain removal and leaving carpets looking like new.

Odor Neutralization Process

Eliminating pet odors is a breeze with our advanced odor neutralization techniques. Say goodbye to lingering smells and hello to a fresh, clean scent in your home.


A combination of advanced cleaning techniques and eco-friendly solutions ensures thorough stain and odor removal while being safe for pets.
The duration varies depending on the size of the area and severity of stains, but we always strive for efficiency.

Absolutely! We use odorless, eco-friendly products that are safe for pets and the whole family.

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