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Your Tiles Deserve to Shine! Professional Cleaning Services in Ashton, WI

Your Tiles Deserve to Shine! Professional Cleaning Services in Ashton, WI

Imagine walking into a room and being greeted by tiles that sparkle like they’re brand new. This is the feeling we bring to homes and offices in Ashton, WI with our tile and grout cleaning services at Steam Plus Carpet and Floors. It’s not just about scrubbing away the dirt; it’s about restoring the beauty and charm of your floors. Why opt for our services? It’s about more than just cleanliness. It’s about creating a space that feels fresh, hygienic, and inviting. Clean tiles can transform a room, making it brighter and more appealing. And with our eco-friendly solutions, you’re choosing a safe, responsible way to care for your space. Let us help you make your floors the highlight of your home or office.

Customized Tile Revitalization in Ashton, WI

Every tile has its story and specific needs. Our service in Ashton, WI caters to the unique character of your tiles, ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

Eco-Friendly Grout Renewal

Grout lines are more than just gaps between tiles; they’re key to the overall look. Our eco-friendly approach ensures they get back to their original glory without harming the environment.


Our blend of customized care and eco-friendly methods not only cleans but revitalizes your tiles and grout.
For lasting beauty and hygiene, we recommend a professional clean every 12-24 months, depending on usage.

Absolutely! Our eco-friendly approach means a safe, orderless environment for your loved ones.

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